Get Involved

Were you a Project Talent participant? Get involved!


If your class is having a reunion, you can be a Project Talent reunion Ambassador. As a participant, you are ideally suited to talk to your classmates about Project Talent. We will provide you with a small kit containing a message to your classmates, the 1960 Project Talent report for your school that compares characteristics of your school to the nation, as well as score release forms so your classmates can request their original scores from 1960.

For more information about being a Project Talent Ambassador, please call 1-866-770-6077 or email [email protected].

Still in touch with old classmates?

Spread the word about Project Talent! You can send your former classmates a virtual postcard inviting them to visit the Project Talent website and register their interest in the project.

You can also volunteer to help track down your classmates or send them information provided, and postage paid, by Project Talent. Please call 1-866-770-6077 or email [email protected].